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What is Sexfor.me and our role in sex for you?

We wanted to create a dating site review area where actual users and members of these sites tell everyone what they think. We also wanted to let them tell their sex stories and ideas for increasing sexual pleasure.

When we think of increased sexual pleasure, we ask ourselves what can we bring to the bedroom, or any other pleasure zone, to help make our sexual experiences with our partners better and more memorable. Enough to be able to tell others our story of sexual pleasures and excite them into creating their own. What toys or sex accessories (sexessories) can we use to heighten our pleasures?

We teamed up with one of the hottest sex toy company to develop our own store to bring you products that will make your dreams of pleasure a reality.

So, What is sex?

To some, it’s just the difference between male and female, depending on our reproductive functions. To others it is an attraction between opposite sexes in the manifestation of life.

But, it isn’t always an attraction between opposite sexes. Sometimes genders of the same sex feel an attraction to one another.

Sex isn’t just about creating new life. It is more than that. It’s a feeling of closeness. A feeling of being needed and wanting acceptance from our partners. It is a mutual copulation of pleasure and intimacy.

At Sexfor.me, we understand that sex is not just a gender identification. It is a needed part of our lives. Our sexual needs and desires should not be suppressed. We need to embrace our sexualities and try new things. So, enjoy this site and feel free to come back anytime.